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Free Trouble Code Diagnosis / Check Engine Lights

Those annoying check engine lights and other various dash lights that appear from time to time are all trying to tell you something about your car and its performance. We talk car and for free we will tell you what your car is trying to say. Reading the code however will not always give the complete story and sometimes further diagnostics is required.

Sometimes there may be additional charges due to the amount of time and effort required, but we never charge you without discussing it first.


Yes, we will perform a PA State Inspection for your car free once each year.

If you require a PA Emissions certification that service is just 19.95


We will visually inspect for leaks in addition to connecting your vehicle to our precision instruments, which detect and check pressures vital to the performance of your system. In the event that there are problems with your a/c system, we will inform you before proceeding with any repairs. If there are any charges you may encounter we always let you know BEFORE they occur.