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Detailing Department at Flannerycars.com

Does your car look a little dull? Maybe it just doesn't shine like it used to?
How about the interior? Kids, pets, fast food... all are a part of our daily lives, but can be hard on a car's interior.

The condition of the car you drive often contributes or detracts from the first impression you make on others. Unfortunately, maintaining the shine and shimmer we all love requires a lot of time you often don't have.

We are proud to offer a fully equipped detail and reconditioning center with a highly skilled staff with only one goal. To make your car look, feel, and smell better than you can remember! We offer several packages, depending on the treatment you feel is necessary. Use the form to schedule your next appointment today!

Mini Detail… $59.99


  • Hand wash
  • Shine/Dress Tires
  • Spray wax
  • Door Jambs Cleaned


  • Vacuum carpets and seats
  • Wipe dashboard, door panels, and other hand surfaces with interior cleaner
  • Clean all windows

Full Detail (car)… $159.99

Full Detail (small SUV, small truck)… $179.99

Full Detail (large SUV, full size truck, vans)… $199.99


  • Hand wash
  • Clay bar paint to remove contaminants
  • Hand wax paint
  • Clean & dress engine compartment
  • Polish exterior metal (Chrome bumpers, door handles, etc)
  • Dress tires
  • Dress wheel wells
  • Spray wax wheels
  • Clean door jambs
  • Clean trunk jambs & hood jambs
  • Clean underside of hood


  • Vacuum carpets, seats, and trunk
  • Wipe dashboard, door panels, etc with cleaner
  • Steam clean (hot water extraction) carpets, cloth seats, and other upholstered surfaces
  • Clean and treat all leather surfaces
  • Treat all interior plastics with protective dressing
  • Clean all windows & sunroof (if equipped)

Additional Services

  • Claybar service & hand wax… $59.99
  • Door edge guards (installed)… $19.99 all doors
  • Hand wash, towel dry … $13.99
  • Corrective high-speed buffing (with detail)…$49.99
  • Wet sanding… starting at $49.99 – stop by for a quote!

*Additional charges will apply for removal of excessive pet hair or sand. You will be notified of additional charges, prior to service.

*All prices are subject to change based on condition of vehicle

Wet Sanding

What's that?

  • A great way to remove light to moderate scratches without an expensive visit to the body shop
  • A body-shop secret to fixing flaws such as runs or undesired texture (orange-peel, fish eyes, etc) on re-painted vehicles
  • An excellent method of giving your car an ultra-smooth finish that’s prepped for buffing, waxing, and polishing to a high shine

How do you do that?

  • A very fine-grit, wet sandpaper is used skillfully on a water lubricated paint surface to remove scratches, and unevenness
  • Depending on the severity of scratches or imperfections, we start with a rougher sand paper such as 1500 grit and work progressively in stages up to a very fine grit paper such as 2000, 2500, or 3000 grit
  • Do not try the sandpaper you found in your dad’s woodshop!
  • After wetsanding, a highspeed buffer and compound are used to remove the very fine sanding scratches and restore the paint to a glossy finish

Claybar Paint Service

What's that?

  • We use special types of synthetic or natural clay designed for removing contaminants from automotive finishes
  • The clay and paint are sprayed with purpose-specific lubricant and all painted surfaces are rubbed down meticulously, removing all harmful contaminants from your car’s paint

Why have your paint clayed?

  • Removes surface contaminants from paint, leaving a smooth, glass-like surface
  • Results in smoother shine, more effective waxing and polishing, and extends life of paint
  • Brake dust, rail dust, tree sap, road tar, industrial fallout, overspray, and various stains embed in paint, inhibiting waxes, sealants, and polishes from bonding properly
  • Contaminants that are embedded in your car’s finish can cause swirls and scratches during washing, buffing, waxing, and polishing

When should I do that?

  • Cars parked outside should be clayed 4 times per year, cars parked in a garage should be clayed 1-2 times per year
  • Your car’s finish should be clayed after a thorough washing, and before any buffing, waxing, or polishing

Look at all the nasty, harmful contaminants!

Detailing at Flannerycars.com