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State Inspection & Emission Testing at

Avoid costly tickets and fines!!! Don’t risk a costly and dangerous breakdown!

Get your car’s PA Safety Inspection and Emission Test 1-3 months before it expires
and we can match your current expiration date to ensure you get a full year out of your inspection!!

State Inspection $19.99 • Emission Test $29.95 • Combo Discount $39.98

Pennsylvania Safety Inspection is exactly that, a thorough inspection of many critical vehicle components to help ensure you and every motorist on the road can remain safe and at ease.

Many motorists are uneducated on what the state inspection process and see it as just another expense and aggravation associated with owning and operating an automobile. In reality, it really is about keeping you and all travelers safe and on the road. Among items inspected are brakes, tires, lighting, frame, suspension components, etc. A failure of any of these items could be catastrophic.

Regular service and maintenance throughout the year can aid in reducing or eliminating getting slammed with a heavy repair bill to pass inspection. For example, when vehicles come into our shop for an oil change, we go over a complimentary 19-point check list, examining many items related to PA Safety Inspection. Catching some of items early, before they fail completely, can not only reduce the expense of repairs necessary to pass inspection, but keep you safe and on the road all year long. Use the form below to schedule your next appointment today!

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